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EAS「Electronic Article Surveillance」利用一種電子訊號(軟標籤或硬標籤),植入或貼附於商品當中,當商品於結帳的過程當中,须要適當的解除此電子訊號(消磁或解鎖)。如果商品未經由結帳櫃檯做解除(消磁)的動作,安置於出口的偵測天線 , 則會被此電子訊號所觸動而發出警報(Alarm)。

當安全標韱Tag接近警戒區時,會產生某一共振信號(resonance signal) ,並且此一訊號傳至接收電腦中,經數位處理判斷無誤後,自動發出警報。


EAS "Electronic Article Surveillance" use of an electronic signal (soft or hard tag label), implanted or attached to goods, when the commodity in the checkout process, need to proper lifting this electronic signals (degaussing or unlock).  If the goods done by the checkout counter without lifting (degaussing) action, the detection antenna will be touched by this electronic signals and activating the alarms.

When security tag closes to the security guard zone, it will produce a resonance signal, and this signal is transmitted to a receiving computer, while the digital processing judgment is correctly, the alarm will activate automatically.

EAS system is composed of an antenna system, electronic tags, Eliminator (Deactivator), unlock device (also known as the extractor) and Detachers.

Why you need EAS system to protect your business? view here !  if installed the EAS RF door, this case won't be happend. 





适合零售业如:迷你市场, 药材店,精品店,服装店,宠物店等使用。

Suitable for retail industry like mini market, traditional herbal shop, boutique shop, pet shop, etc.