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What's appropriate? Consider the following pointers as you navigate M-sia looking for the right category for your site:

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M-sia having 13 main subject headings, or top level categories: Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics, Computers and Internet, Education, Entertainment, Government, Health, News and Media, Recreation and Sports, Reference, Regional, Science, Social Science, and Society and Culture. Every site listed by M-sia is contained somewhere within these 13 major categories, available from the top page of the directory. And each one of these categories is made up of sub-categories, all organizing information from the general to the specific. New sub-categories are created all the time by M-sia Surfers, as the directory grows.


Please Select the right main Category for your site

Arts and Humanities

Business and Economies

Computers and Internet





News and Media

Recreation and Sports



Social Science

Society and Culture

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